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Announcing Neeyer

Neeyer is a location based social network that helps you connect in-person

Social Networks are weird. They were originally about connecting with friends. Now it seems they are more about meeting/connecting to new people and content discovery. We read first-hand news on twitter, connect to potential customers/employers on linkedin, admire the natures influencers shared on instagram, etc. However, most of these contents are virtual. Even if a metaverse is built as realistic as the one from Ready Player One, it’s still not the real world we live in. We can’t really interact with it. Can’t really interact with the people from far away.

Technologies have been a huge help making the interactions easier, and virtual interactions are always going to be an essential part of our lives. However, the real world, in-person interactions have long been neglected by the industry, with the only exception being dating apps. That’s about to change with the launch of Neeyer.

Neeyer, at its core, is a location based social network. Your posts will be seen by everyone within certain distance and vice versa. This is so that everything you see on the platform you can interact with in-person, right here, right now (well, sometimes you might need to travel like 5 minutes). The app might still have some rough edges at the time, so we are rolling out on an invite-only basis now. If you are interested in getting invited, join the waitlist here.