the social network that helps you connect IRL

Don't you miss the in-person connection, after all the facetime and zoom calls? Neeyer lets you discover the people and activities nearby...

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The next-gen social network that focuses on IRL connections

Everything you interact with on Neeyer is happening right now or just recently happened from a reasonable distance, again, IRL, not in a metaverse or anything. That means you probably can easily interact with them in-person. Vice versa, people nearby are more interested in learning what you have to share since you are close.

  • Be Heard

    No more follower games. Everyone following the topic will see your posts as long as they are within the radius. Follower numbers don't exist here. Instead content quality matters. Timing matters. You matter.

  • Right Here

    The social app that helps you connect offline. That concert across Atlantic looks great, but did you know there's an awesome party going on right in your neighborhood?

  • Right Now

    It's all about the things IRL you can interact with right now. Wanna check out some parties? Garage sale? Live concerts? Meeting someone? You can do it now.